About us


Global terrorism, transnational crime, and high-tech criminal activity has had a fundamental impact on the demand for training in the military, security, corporate and law enforcement environments.  Country border protection (particulalry in the Middle East and North Africa Region) and general security has taken on new meaning, with millions of dollars being funded worldwide to increase law enforcement and security standards through international training schemes.

The current global shortage of high standard international training providers and excess training demand has created a unique situation where the Phoenix Group, trading on training excellence, has built a solid and steadily increasing client base.

Situated in Dubai, with partners in the US, UK, Europe and Australia, the Phoenix Group is strategically placed to capture a diverse client base from the national and international community. The Phoenix Group is an innovative and readily accessible organisation for military, law enforcement, emergency management, transport and logistics and security training (and related services), for national and international individual, government and corporate clients.

The Phoenix Group delivers a unique range of customised programs and as leaders in this specialised environment, we are able to generate the following benefits by:

  1. Creating a unique, predictive, quality training portfolio for its client base by utilising key staff and facilities of its partners;
  2. Strengthening academic rigour  – accredited learning pathways to the higher education sector;
  3. Providing an international forum allowing key stakeholders to influence regional policy;
  4. Providing training for national and international Emergency Management as a long term goal in aiding the client to manage large scale disasters;
  5. Forging strong national and international strategic alliances, partnerships with large business and industry, as well as tertiary institutions and other training providers;
  6. Becoming a one-stop-technology, state-of-the-art service provider to showcase the latest information, media communications and technology  equipment; and,
  7. Developing excellent expertise through best practice learning, leading technology and research and development.


World-wide service ability


The joint expertise contained within its partner institutions, displays a formidable range of talent that has been actively marketed in seeking new clients for the Phoenix Group.  The organisation has developed its service provision in consultation with recognised leading industry specific organisations to ensure we can deliver appropriate and relevant services to organisations both nationally and internationally. 

Our practically based research and development initiatives and international relationships ensure that we provide our clients with the latest and most relevant industry training and information.  The Phoenix Group will continue to actively seek new and maintain valuable industry networks to create channels to facilitate the flow of information, knowledge and skills. 

Media technology also plays a vital role in the dissemination and flow of this information and knowledge both to students and affiliate collaborating agencies, and in its ability to service an ever-increasingly mobile domestic and international community.


Our priority is your satisfaction.


Take advantage of our professionalism and years of experience in the market, our trained staff will ensure the fastest and most cost effective solutions to your organisational requirements and will maintain the personal approach, commitment and integrity during our service provision.

We are dedicated to the continuous improvement and enhancement of our services. Each client is a valued customer, and provides us with an opportunity to improve the delivery of our services.


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