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20/06/2013 13:02



Business integration program for the UAE Armed Forces

  • People want a job where they can contribute and find job satisfaction.
  • Employers want the same – the right people in the right jobs. 
  • The challenge is to transform the ‘battle ready’ to ‘business ready’.
  • Establishing the fit is achievable when done professionally.


Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030

‘In order to achieve Emiratisation targets set out in the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, it is vital to create a motivated, educated workforce.  By encouraging academic and personal success from a young age we can ensure that we will reach this goal and the UAE can look forward to not only fulfilling its manpower requirements for the future but also be proud that it develops talent to be among the greatest leaders in the world.’


The Program’s Vision

  • Develop and assist retiring Armed Forces and Police personnel  to enter the UAE workforce
  • Support UAE National Development in line with Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision
  • Create new lines of business with local UAE partner(s)


‘Battle Ready’ To ‘Business Ready’

  • Transforming  Military and Policing skills into business skills
  • Training and education programs to  be ‘business ready’
  • Understand the business environment - what is the same and what is different
  • Work rotations across companies and industries- gain ‘hands on’ experiences


The Program‘s Objectives

  • To give employers productive staff who fit their culture;
  • To give individuals the opportunity for lifelong career satisfaction;
  • To make best use of the Nation's premium resource – its people.


Leading the Program: The Phoenix Transition Partnership


This is where Phoenix links in with a local UAE Team Leader (Champion) to add value to the program of transition. Success will come from the leadership, management and coordination of the program. Phoenix Group and the Local Champion The Phoenix Transition Partnership’ will provide the focus, business acumen and efficiencies to lead and manage.  The selected local partners provide the local capability, local facilities and local trainers.