Training Programs - Delivering Solutions


Providing a comprehensive array of innovative training solutions across specialised areas, Phoenix Consulting programs provide the perfect balance of academic and traditional training pathways. Accredited courses ranging from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma level will enable existing workers to enter new career paths and expand their current working capabilities, while specialist skills training will allow organisations to ensure that their staff members have the appropriate skills and knowledge to carry out their operations in an efficient and safe manner. 

Phoenix Consulting delivers superior national and international training utilising flexible and contextualised learning programs and relevant high-quality courses through its national and international networks.  It offers a range of accredited and non-accredited courses; all courses utilise experienced trainers with extensive vocational training qualifications.


Responsible for the promotion and delivery of its programs, Phoenix Consulting primarily delivers customised courses within the client country; however, training can be delivered off-shore if required. 

Phoenix Consulting is currently the only bespoke UAE based training provider conducting high-level, accredited international training across a diverse portfolio.  It utilises an innovative mix of environmental and learning factors including creative building design, cutting-edge technology and inspirational teaching methods to deliver the latest in skills and knowledge.

Phoenix Consulting promotes an atmosphere of learning, participation and flexibility for both staff and students by:

  • Encouraging student participation in learning/teaching evaluations to improve customised course delivery and customer service; 
  • Rewarding the training staff for innovation and inspiration to encourage a creative work/learning environment;


In order to assist organisations in building capability, Phoenix Consulting demonstrates a number of key strategies that enables key stakeholders to make an informed decision on their future training requirements. By partnering directly with Phoenix Conuslting, the client is assured of a high-level commitment to enhance the operational effectiveness of employees, through communication, professionalism, integrity and transparency.


It is widely accepted that training programs should be designed to reflect the needs and achieve the aims and objectives of the organisation.   However, there is always the temptation to begin training without a complete assessment of the needs or objectives pertinent to the organisation.   Similarly, there is a danger of beginning a training programme without a complete analysis of the tasks and behaviours specific to the role.  Therefore training should be:

  • A systematic, planned and controlled process
  • Related to the changing concepts of skills and behaviours of individuals and groups
  • Utilised to enhance the performance of an organisation and the people within it


To complement this ethos, Phoenix Consulting creates partnerships that capture the complete needs of organisations within a broad range of goverment and corporate high security risk environments. By professionally developing your staff, we deliver customised training programs that meet your immediate and future needs, based on academic rigour, vocational appropriateness and global recognition.


We always propose that our relationship is based on a memorandum of understanding between your organisation and Phoenix Consulting.

The agreement will ensure that your organisation receives:

  • Priority in training delivery
  • Regular information updates on emerging trends within your relevant Industry
  • Access to fully trained Training Needs Analysts
  • Access to on-site scenario based assessments to identify areas for development
  • Continued student contact in terms of resource requirements that will enhance their prior learning
  • Access to policy writers
  • Opportunities to train experienced staff as in-house trainers with a national qualification
  • Defined learning pathways to higher education 
  • On-site mentoring for senior and middle level managers and, project managers
  • Training in restricted programs such as surveillance, counter surveillance and technical surveillance
  • Training in self-protection
  • Access to IIMS training (Inter-service Incident Management System) for all levels of employees ranging from workers to senior management (Globally acknowledged as world’s best practice)
  • Access to a full training portfolio encapsulating Certificate I through to degree qualifications


It is also important to acknowledge that whilst diversity in training delivery has merit, there is always the problem of inconsistency between training providers, in both the delivery and recognition. By utilising Phoenix Consulting directly, you are assured of high-level delivery, quality assurance, academic rigour and consistent communication between our two organisations, all of which are based on the principles and policies of sound governance.


Available Courses


Our programs are themed under each subject matter expert Director; there are three themes:


1. Humanitarian and Disaster Management - Phil Lewis

2. Transport, Logistics and Infrastructure - Brent Melvin

3. Special Operations and Organisational Development- Paul Hartley